November 27, 2004


Usually a term for someone who has completely messed up and failed somehow. That would be me, This morning, 3!! times. eeeeeek. We were out at the range at 0530 this morning (too gd early to be up in my opinion rofl), and by 07 we were firing. We first ensured that our weapons were zeroed (made sure the sight picture was accurate), and then went on to qualification. I have a flawless zero. 9 rounds all in the itty bitty circle, on the black. When it comes to qualifying though.........................yeah, we just aren't there. Bleah. Oh well.
Got our flu shots today, so I have no doubt that in a few days, all of the company is going to be down for the count.


Iceman 1955 said...

Good to hear there is someone else who cant qualify early in the morning. I guess my eyes needed time to calibrate first. Keep your head down until at least noon. Stay safe. How many days left in country?

Simran said...

They must have given those to everyone! R, just got his flu shot too...poor thing said he was feeling it. Take it easy!

wowedout said...

hope you don't get any symptoms from the flu shot !