November 13, 2004


Ok, I confused people with the customs visit. We have been packing up some of our Milvans to leave early, and so before they are sealed to go, they have to be inspected by a customs crew. That was what took place yesterday. I suspect that there will be multiple visits before we leave Iraq, and that most likely the only thing that will have to be inspected before we finally leave to go home will be our personal luggage.
I had this morning off, so I slept in, a whole 2 hours ROFL. I woke up around 0800, and then made myself breakfast and watched CSI Miami, season 2. Yes, I know it isn't out on DVD yet, but I was able to pick it up from one of the local shops. The DVD's themselves were taped from television, but they are good quality. I enjoy the CSI's greatly, and can't wait to get back home and watch NY. I might even buy my first TV and get cable just so I can. For the longest time I have resisted buying a TV and getting cable as I prefer to spend my time reading and being on the internet. People think that I am weird for this, but I grew up most of my life without TV, and thus am well accustomed to using my imagination. But, there are a few shows out there that I do appreciate.


Anonymous said...

Read your blog every now and again. Just thought you ought to know that if your weird for not owning a TV, then so am I, as well as some friends I know. We get the same sort of looks and many questions, when others find out we don't have the tube.

Had a TV for years but have some friends who do not own one by choice. Like me they enjoyed reading and got their news by sources other than TV, such as the net.

One day, a Saturday about five years ago, I was watching cable news. I had been in and out of the house all day long and between my trips, errands and to do list around the house, I had the TV on cable news so that when I came in, I could see what was going on, keeping up with events of the day. (There was some story breaking that day and for the life of me I can't remember what it was.)

What I noticed was, that even though there was a great deal happening, it was the same drivel being played and re-hashed over and over again.

I had been considering giving up the telly for sometime and knew my imagination worked much better than the tired writing of TV, the news being my only reason for hanging on.

The next two weeks I ran a little study, between news on the net and TV. Whatever Fox or CNN or any other acronym was playing that day, I could see via a clip on their website as well. Plus, usually, whatever they were reporting was in more detail on the web. Sometimes breaking before the TV News broke it and definitley before the papers gave their take. Right then and there, placed and ad, via the web of course and sold the TV within a week. Some withdrawal symptoms over the next month, but they passed and I've never looked back since!

By the way, in the past five years, the web has surpassed the TV in info content availability to such a degree, it is immeasurable, especially since the widespread advent of blogs.

There is much I have learned from your site and others that the OMSM would never cover. What they do cover is usually surpassed by the web.

Here's to those who march to the beat of a different drum.

Garrison Steelle said...

Thanks for clearing up the customs thing. :)

As for TV, I have one but pretty much only use it as sound screen and for the occasional "breaking" news story--and watching DVDs. ;) Life's to short to veg in front of that box mindlessly as so many people seem to do.


Mummy said...

I love watching CSI Miama when I get a chance also. Occasiaonally I will catch CSI Vegas but I dont like it as well. Don't get your hope up too high for CSI NY I treid watching it Just a night or two ago and it did not hold my attention at all! I switched to a different show can't remember the title it was a medical investigations one pretty good but still not one I would bother to follow.

Get a DVD player, cable isn't much worth it. For the monthly cost you can buy full seasons of shows you like you just need a bit of patient!

With the TV and free cable in the hotel room I am remembering now why I didn't bother with TV. You kids never got as much from the TV as the TV took from you. Better the girls should be reading and working on writing then inventing their own entertainment or listening to their music (you know when I am not home and don't have to hear it LOL).