November 12, 2004


This morning's excitment began at 0630 this morning, in the biting wind. We had to unload a number of items from our Milvans and lay them out for inventory and then customs inspections. Lot's and lots of fun, hauling generators around, pulling tents out...... so on and so forth. Lot of getting wicked dirty. The best part came when the heavens opened up midway through the morning and started to soak us ROFL. Customs finally arrived around 1000, and to my pleasant surprise one of the MP's was an old friend of mine I have not seen in some months. So in between inspections and cleaning things off, we caught up with each other and had a few laughs over the situation. Of course, after lunch when I said that I was going back to the motor pool as I wanted to show my friend some pictures, there were a few cracks at my expense about going to see my buddy. Naturally if I am seen talking to an unknown man, I must be hitting on him ROFL.
But now as I have the rest of the afternoon off, I think I will go do my laundry and watch more CSI:-D
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