November 11, 2004

Nothing, No really NOTHING!

I have sunk to the level of having nothing to write about. No interesting topics today, no frustrations to beat out (Well, sexual frustration, but we will leave that one WAY alone), nothingness.
As of late I have been doing some serious reading. (and how is that different from any other time you ask? I dunno) I finished reading Peter S. Kindsvatter's "American Soldiers" which is an interesting look at the psychology of being a soldier in the draft era (WW1-Vietnam). I found that much of what he discusses is applicable even to today's volunteer soldier. Currently I am reading Peter Wright's "Spy Catcher", his autobiography of being MI5 during the cold war. Intriguing stuff I find. Particularily when he deals with Counterintelligence, as that is my field of work.
Time ticks by here slowly, frequently can be heard someone saying "only X days left". It seems so close, yet so far. I am ready to leave this bubble world, where one feels as though they are under a microscope. It is impossible to do anything and NOT have someone know about it.
The fighting in Fallujah continues, we can hear the sounds of the artillery from where we are, a constant reminder that we are still at war. This may not be a conventional war, but it is still war.
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