January 26, 2005

Bone Scans

I went in yesterday to have a bone scan done on my legs, to either rule out any bone abnormalities, or show what the heck is wrong with them. Before I went in, I was a wee nervous, as people that have had them before had told me all kinds of horror stories about this icky liquid you have to drink, and that you can't eat or drink. So I wasn't exactly thrilled at this prospect. I got there, signed in, and the doctor called me back and asked me to sit down so that he could give me a shot. When I asked about the liquid, he said nah, we just give it to you in shot form. YAY! I don't deal well with needles, not particularily fond of them, but a shot is better any day then having to drink something utterly gross. I did raise my eyebrows though when the needle he picked up said "Caution, radioactive" EXCUSE ME? hehehe. Necessary though for them to be able to see the bones though. He then released me for a few hours, told me to drink LOT's of liquid, whether it be water or otherwise, and that I could eat lunch. Good deal, I was starving! I came back 2 hours later, laid down on the table, and was fascinated by the machine. It looked and acted like something out of some freaky sci-fi show LOL. But it went well, I actually took a nap while they were scanning my legs. I will find out the results here in a few days.
I called my mother last night, as it was another sisters birthday, this time this one turns 12. Still very much a young girl, thankfully, I would much rather keep her that way as this sister is more my baby then my sister. Had a good conversation with Mummy though, about moving to VA (Which I am now trying to do) and Karaoke at the wedding. This was something my dearest boyfriend had suggested to her one night, and she very much took him seriously! ROFL, her reaction was funny. He was just trying to think of all the most outrageous things he could suggest to see how she would react hehehe.
I also recieved a phone call last night from a dear friend, and we talked for about an hour until his phone card ran out. We had a very entertaining conversation, he is still in Kuwait, getting ready to leave, and apparently having to deal with some things we left behind LOL. Towards the end of the conversation he asked a very interesting question, that unfortunatly I didn't have the chance to answer properly before time ran out. Bummer. One of these days I will share that with you as I think it would make an interesting blog, but maybe later. I need to get my day going, after PT this morning I came back to my room and napped LOL. Been staying up on the phone way too late but all for good reason:-D
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