January 24, 2005


I finally went and got around to installing one of those nifty little counters in my blog template, so as to have a general idea of how many visitors a day I get. Well, over the last three days I have had around 650 give or take a few, I haven't looked lately. BUT, what I find amusing, is my statistics. I used BlogPatrol.com, and on their site they give you a detailed listing of the top 20 search terms used. I just wanted to share them with you as one in particular, is laugh out loud funny.

cari gasiewicz (Google)
girl in army uniform (Yahoo)
life in this girl%27s army (Google)
%22this girl%27s army%22 (Google)
army girl pics (Yahoo)
avengerredsix.blogspot.com/ (Google)
cari gasiewicz pics (Google)
life in this girl%27s army (Yahoo)
LMTV photos (Yahoo)
MIDLE EAST SEX (Google) (OK CAN we say HUH? So curious as to WHY someone would be looking for this, and just how my web page came up.)
sgt lizzie (AOL)
sgtlizzie.blogspot.com (Yahoo)

anyway, just interesting tidbits that I am discovering. I am finally getting the chance to sit down and read other blogs besides the few I kept up with in Iraq, and even then not so much LOL.

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