January 20, 2005

Doctors offices and Dentists

This morning was a big morning for me, as I had a doctors appt at 0900, and a dental exam at 1030. When I got into the doctors office, there was some confusion as to why I was there. For starters, the appointment facility had scheduled me at another clinic besides the one I am supposed to go to, then they thought I was there for a well woman exam. Ok yes I need one of those too, as I am way overdue, but this morning was just for a check up of all recent injuries. Once we got the confusion cleared though, the doctor spent several minutes moving my leg around in many different fashions, so now I hurt, but I also now have to make an appointment for a bone scan and further follow-up. No surprise there.
Got to the dentists to have my exam done, and ended up spending an hour in between the chair and the X-Ray room. They also did impressions of my teeth for an Orthodontists consult. Ok, 24, and I might be wearing braces again. Thrills. Hey, as long as I get my smile back I REALLY don't care LOL.
This past week has been very relasing for me, Monday I drove back from Miami, and stopped in Orlando to enjoy a few hours with my brother and his fiance, and then arrived back in Gordon around midnight. Tuesday morning we had PT formation, after which the commander said don't come in unless you have something to do. That's been the way it has been for the last 3 days so the most I have had to do is show up for formation and then that's it for me:-D I got my car attenae fixed after 3 years finally, so I now have radio in my car, been working on getting my room straighted, and just generally being a lazy bum.
I finally gave in to temptation and had cable installed for the first time. OOOOOOHHHH the joys of high speed internet!!!!!! BUT, I was rather grouchy yesterday, because after rushing home from the mall where I had gone to get my nails fixed and polished, so that I could be in my room from 1-3, when the technician WAS SUPPOSED to come, he didn't arrive until around 8pm, after many many phone calls and complaints later. But, I am now all set up with internet and basic channels, so next time I head to Mum's I will pick up a TV she put on layaway for me, and for the first time in my life, will own a televsion. Dandadahhh BIG step ROFL (Please sense the sarcasm)
Well, I have a bathroom to clean (Ick) and more stuff to put away, so I leave you with this:
Say Ahhhhhh
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