January 21, 2005

New things and my week in short

I did something last night that I have never done,and chances are I won't do again for a very long while, if ever: I went to go see the Chippendales! Oh lordy!!!! But in all honesty, while I did have fun, I did not enjoy myself as much as I thought I would, and actually left the club after the show with a migraine from hell. I would much rather have spent a night at home alone with my sweetie, and I'm not sure how stupidly pathtic that makes me ROFL:-D But I do now have a new experience to discuss.
My week has been rather dull, after Monday when I drove back from Miami, there has been NOTHING going on LOL. The most we have had to do this week for work is show up for PT formation at 0700, and after PT we are released to take care of personel things. I made my appoinments as needed, got a new antennae on my car.
Ok I was in the middle of writing this post, when I realized that I had a 1300 appointment with the dealership to have a window clasp repaired ROFL. Thanfully the dealership is right down the road, or so I thought LOL. Turns out that there are 2 in town and mine was at the other one. So I drove over there, turned in my car and expected to be out of there shortly, after all it was a quick fix. Yeah, RIGHT. You know, I thought if you had an appointment, that that's when you got your car taken care of! I was there for four freaken hours. To kill the time I drooled over new cars that I won't be able to afford for a long freaken time, and got to test drive my dream car, a Honda S2000, sweet car. I had the guy run the figures, JUST to see what it would run me, Yeah NO! It would be 575 a month, ON TOP of my other car payment of 376 and I don't think so. But boy were they pushy there. Yep, don't like car salesmen.

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