January 13, 2005

How Like Life

Oooook, Over the last few days I have been taking care of a few things, putting everything in order. Yesterday I got my household goods, and unpacked. For awhile there my room looked like a tornado had ripped through it. Now it just looks like a mild storm ripped things up LOL.. But I was very glad to have my things back:-D
Also yesterday I took my car into Firestone to have it looked at and a few things done. A few things however turned into an unmitigated disaster: the car had the wrong size tires on it (HOW in the hell does that happen? Someone care to explain that mistake to me?) the right front CV axle was broken, it needed an oil change, and while I was at it, I had the radiator flushed. After all, I have to drive this car to Miami today. Anyway, I spent 2 1/2 hours at Firestone, and everything got fixed ( cost a fortune though!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I then took my car into a detail shop to have the inside cleaned out all nice. So after doing all that, I thought my car was all nice and ready to go. NOPE, went out to my car this morning to go eat breakfast and guess what: My battery has died! sheesh, I can't win for losing. Oh well, simple fix, so long as I can get someone to drive me to Walmart today. Any takers? ;)
I have a new computer now, a nice Toshiba laptop that was very inexpensive and it is currently in the shop having the data transferred from my old one. While there yesterday I got into a discussion with the tech, and in the course of the conversation I mentioned that I was in the Army and that I had just returned from Iraq. His next question: Why were you over there? Excuse me? Did we miss the part where I was IN the Army? ROFL. Waaaaaay too funny. But he was nice all in all and here in a few days I will be back online in my own room and won't have to wait for a computer at the office. Wooooohoooooo.
I am headed to Miami to go visit someone very near and dear to my heart, and to get a way from here for a few days and see somewhere I have never seen. Can't wait to have fun:-D
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