January 15, 2005

Mi Ami in Miami

So I made it down to Miami safely although exceedingly tired:) I left Friday evening around 7 after spending a few hours back at Firestone. Thankfully it wasn't near as bad as we thought it was, as there was just a problem with the electrical system that was easily fixed. It just took awhile to diagnose it. So I drove through the night, and that was an adventure LOL. Between the coffee and the water, I don't think I have ever been so hydrated. I did have to stop at one point and take a 2 hour nap, as I was starting to drift at the wheel. So when I finally made it into Miami, I got a small taste of Miami traffic. Ick factor, I HATE traffic. Then I took a wrong turn coming off the exit ROFL. Easy, just turned around and finally made it to Daniels place. Of course, it's all worth it:-D
When I got here, I laid down for a while, and then went to go take my contacts out for awhile, as I had forgotten my glasses and my eyes needed a break. What do you know, my contacts decided to tear! yay! So we spent 2 hours running around Miami, trying to find someone who carrried my prescription in stock, as I have one of those weird prescriptions that has to be ordered. Finally we found someone who, while they didn't have them in stock, did have a trial pair they gave me so I was once again able to see:)
Well, back to relaxing I go:-D
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