March 28, 2005


Yes Yes yes, I know, I have been out of it for the last few days:-D I have good reason though, my darling dearest was here this weekend, making my weekend fantastic! He got in earlyy Friday morning, and since I had to work that morning, he got to sleep all morning, and then take me to my MRI appointment that afternoon. He was such a dear as he ended up having to wait about and hour for me to get done. The day was absolutely gorgeous so after all was said and done, we headed out to the riverwalk downtown for a walk along the river. Being a sappy romantic at heart, that was one of my favorite moments. The rest of the weekend passed by too quickly, until this morning I had to go to work, and he had to head back down. BUT, it won't be a month before I get to see him again, as a week from now I will be flying into Houston to spend 2 weeks with my beloved and his family. I can't wait. That is the thing I hate the most about long distance, is saying goodbye. But in the end, it will all be worth it.
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