March 24, 2005

Growing up too fast?

I just read a little blurb about how the Williams sisters wrote a book on money and dating for preteens aged 9-12. I'm sorry, SAY WHAT?!?! Dating? Between 9-12? I don't know about you all, but I know what I was doing between those ages, and I know what were my concerns, and NONE of them involved money or dating. I was too busy playing with dolls, practicing violin. I think the biggest worry I had was whether I could work my way up in the orchestra levels high enough to get to wear a taffeta dress! I have sisters aged 12, 14, 16, and 18, and I can barely imagine my 18 y/o dating, much less the younger ones. There is so much else out there! These kids these days need to quit growing up too fast! ENJOY the innocence of childhood! It seems that everything these days is focused on making kids grow up faster then they should. Clothes, music, school, don't even get me ranting about clothes. When I was growing up, my clothes covered my body, and were age appropriate! Hell, I had a freak out fit one day when my sister walked out wearing a halter top that was perfectly modest, but did have a low back. Mummy got quite the giggle out of that, she says that I am more of a prude then she is. Grrrrrr, I want my siblings to stay young and worry free as long as they can! Adult life BLOWS!
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