March 23, 2005

Hump day

Ah, half way through my week, and one more day closer to seeing the man I love dearly. In the meantime I am preparing for his arrival Friday, doing all of my laundry, cleaning my room thoroughly, etc.....
My mother, in one of the various topics of conversation we had this weekend, suggested that I start posting some of my journal entries from the first 6 months I was in Iraq, and let you all see what I was up to before I started my blog. I am going to do that here shortly, I just have to edit them out to preserve other's privacy:-D
So, for today's site, I recommend you all go read This, and weigh in on the subject. I personally would be interested in seeing what you all think.


lost soul said...

I guess if you hit the target first it wouldn't make a difference, now would it.

lost soul said...

And posting about what you were doing before you started this blog... could be interresting.

Rosemary said...

I have to agree with Lost Soul. On both counts! He left some pretty convincing points over at the link you provided. I hope mine weren't too stupid! :) Great site.

I think you should, if you want and all that phony stuff (lol), PLEASE put your journal here! I doubt anyone would be bored. Not by you, ;)