March 21, 2005

wild weekends

This weekend was quite busy for me, as Saturday morning I drove to NC to pick up my mother to head to Atlanta together. Going to Mum's is a 3 hour drive, then it was another 3 1/2 hours to Atlanta, that took quite awhile as we were blabbing all the time, and we stopped at Target on the way as well and picked up some necessary items. We finally got to the Hyatt around 7, and immediatly started getting ready to go meet Garrison for drinks and socializing:-D We started at a jazz lounge and enjoyed good conversation there. It was great conversation, ranging all over the place. G was very easy to talk to, and it was great having Mum there as well. I so rarely get to go out with her these days, so it was a lot of fun. I won't go into all the details;) but lordy lordy double trouble! We ended the night around 0130 at a different place that was also wicked kewl, and when we got back to the hotel that night we just collapsed ROFL:) Oh such comfortable beds.The next morning we got up with enough time to head to the meet, unfortunatly yours truly was born with a wee bit too much testosterone in her blood, and hates asking for directions when I already had them written down, and ended up passing the road the first time hehehehe:) But we got there and thankfully the meet was running late, so we did see all of it:-D My sister is so very good and I am so very proud of her! She fell off the beam once, but everything else that she did was great, on the floor, bars, and the vault. I don't remember exactly what all of her scores were, but she scored 36.25 and placed 3rd all around and is headed to on to regionals. So very very very good:-D Mummy and I headed back and the conversations ranged from genetics to geneology to a womans reproductive cycle to even an impromptu math lesson on fractions:-D I got on the road to Augusta around 2200 (10 PM) and was home at 1230 just about:-D Today was alright, I had my first Physical Therapy appointment, got some exercises for my legs, and then went on to pysche.That is going well, I do believe:-D
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