March 05, 2005

It's been awhile

I give up! I was trying to post and the damned computer just erased everything I had!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, grr, now I have to rewrite.
I finally have some answers with my leg, as I went in Tuesday for the results on my MRI. I found out that I do have a fractured leg, though not in the normal way, and some of my cartlidge is torn. So the doctor I went to for the results sent me to the orthopedist who then sent me for MORE X-rays and set me up for yet another scan, this time a CT scan. In the meantime he wanted me to stay off my leg, so he was going to put me on crutches, but I laughed at that notion. Still have a messed up wrist here. So instead I have to use my cane again. Not so much fun.
Friday morning I had braces put on my upper teeth and currently they are a pain in the neck as my gums are getting all kinds of chewed up! Oh well, not like this is a new thing for me and it is a necessary evil. On the bonus side the orthodontist had my false tooth ready. It is literally a tooth attached to a retainer that fits in the upper half of my mouth. So while I still look kinda silly, I no longer look like I am missing a tooth. YAY!
Last night I was the DD for my company party, and I don't particularily want to do that again. We got a 15 passenger van for this purpose, but only one person took advantage of it, and heck for that I could have just driven my car. Well, no good deed goes unpunished right? :-D The party was a good one, they handed out various awards for service while overseas, and the person who hosted had brought in some Polynesian dancers for our entertainment. They were wicked kewl, and we all had a good time watching them.
This morning I slept til 1130, got up, ate breakfast, and went to go run errands. Today is WINDY and rainy. I was driving across an intersection when a blast of wind literally moved my car to the side. Freaky!
Here's to a quiet peaceful day. You all have a good one:-D
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