March 01, 2005

What are you afraid of?

I just finished watching an episode of Charmed, which while a wee bit on the hokey side, did actually make me think of a good point. The episode centered on the sisters facing their worst fears and overcoming them with the greatest power of all, Love. Like I said, a little hokey, but true. We all have things that we fear in our life, but thinking back on my own life, I can see where the above would be true. So long as you have someone who loves you unconditionally, you can face your fears head on, and while not be completely unafraid, be strong in knowing that there is someone standing behind you all the way. I am afraid of a lot of things, but I have always known that there is someone there who believes in me. Whenever I am facing something that I am afraid of, examples being before I went to leadership school last year, before I went to basic training, Mum has always told me not to be afraid, that I will pass and that I will excell because she believes in my abilities, even though I may not. So who is your person to help you through your fears?
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