March 16, 2005

No sticky for me:-D

This week in class has been wicked kewl. The main instructor is a very nice guy, who is all about making class enjoyable, which means if you have a smart aleck remark, just say it:-D (and I am NOT the only one making them hehehe) This morning we practiced sticking needles in to dummy arms, so if any of you all out there pass out on me and need an IV, I can do it:-D Thankfully for me and my chicken self, the instructor said this morning that if we really didn't want to be stuck, we didn't have to! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me no likey needles and yes I do have a tattoo. Go figure.
On other topics, apparently Baby Brat (aka my brother in Kuwait) has gotten back to regular computer access and is posting a wee bit more often (not much, but still). His most recent one had the title "I'm going to get RIPPED!" I fell out of my chair laughing. You have to understand, this boy is the most slender person you can imagine. He doesn't gain weight (disgusting I know), and eats like a horse. So him getting ripped like, say his older brother (the one in Florida), yeah, not seeing it.
This last week has sucked quite a bit, not only cause I have been down sick (getting better daily), but my beloved boyfriends unit decided to put him on night shift for an exercise. He now has to work midnight to noon, and obviously he sleeps during most of the rest of the time, so our chat time has been severely limited. ick. Due to our phones not being unlimited until 9PM, that's usually when we call, but then I have to be in bed early, and he has to get ready for work. I just can't wait for Easter weekend. He is coming up here and I will oh so happy, so very happy, ok stopping now. Time for me to eat lunch and do something productive, like nap:-D
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