March 16, 2005

all things must come to an end

And as much as I am enjoying the break away from my company, tomorrow is the final test and then Friday it's back to real life:)
I keep meaning to sit down and blog all the funny things that keep happening in class, but everytime I do sit down, everything dissapates. I hate it when that happens. But here are some of the highlights: First day of class, we are going through one of the lessons, I forget which precisely, and the instructor asked us "what next?" A SSG (Staff Sergeant) sitting down from me, pops up with "Amputate". Huh? But the entire class laughed and that has been the running gag joke throughout, all of a sudden, someone will just say amputate:) One of my best friends is in class with me, so we have been sitting together. Gives me someone to talk to and gossip with during breaks:) I did see something quite amazing today, I saw a Drill Sergeant almost faint. And mind you, he wasn't the stickee, he was the sticker! He was the first person to actually stick an actual human, and he missed one of the instructions "Do not pull the needle out until the person watching over you tells you to." He sticks in, hits the vein, inserts the cathater, and without applying pressure to the catheter, pulls the needle out. Blood spurts all over the other guys arm, and it didn't bother him one bit ROFL. He just sat there calmly, while the other guy had to put his head between his legs. And I know I said I was not letting anyone sticking me, but I made a deal with one of the sergeants that if I got stuck, then I got to stick him. Naturally, the guy who stuck me, missed my vein! OUCH! Das' ok, I then missed the sergeants vein as well:) Then, during a review of all we had learned, the instructor gets to a certain question, and the conversation goes something like this:
"Now, not meaning to bring bad memories to a certain soldier in the class, but if you come to a burning vehicle........(interruption by me)
"My truck was NOT burning (I am sitting in the back, kicked back on my chair, being my usual sardonic self)
(Sarcastic tone) "Sorry, was just trying to beef it up a wee bit"
(same tone) "Spare me"
"Oh, just shut the heck up" ROFL ROFL:-D
Yep, too bad it's all over:-D
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