March 16, 2005

Ok, bored now

Yeah Yeah I know, I am awfully talkative today:-D This comes from too much time sitting around my room watching TV, reading my CLS books, and now, eating my dinner of clam chowder and water.
I want to go see so many new movies, but movie prices these days? ick ick! The Pacifier looks great though, not so much for Vin Deisel, but the commercials are funny. And Ms Congeniality 2, Armed and Dangerous ? I am SO there! I loved the first one, and I love just about any funny movie that Sandra Bullock is in.
Currently watching Charmed. Addicting show:-D Ok so I am going to just keep this open all night and write down all my random thoughts:)
I so hate how my internet gets random at nights. I never know when I am going to be able to get through or not.
"We were Soldiers" This is one movie I actually saw before I read the book. I think I cried almost all the way through it and I had gone with my entire company at the time. Not so cool to be caught crying in front of the people you work with. The book was great though.
Ah, why is it that most yummy foods are also very not good for you? Yes, I realize that there are foods out there that are good for you, and the majority of my cupboard is filled with such things.
Another favourite show? Will & Grace. I have 4 seasons. My darling dearest once made the comment to me that for a girl who doesn't really watch TV too much (Or at least before I bought a TV), I watch a lot of TV shows. My only retort to that was what else is there to do in Iraq?! Hehehehe:) But every now and again there are some funny commercials on TV, the Chevy Cobalt one with the basketball, the DR Pepper one:)
I really have NO life. Right now I am wondering why I even bothered to put street clothes on vs putting PJ's on:)
The Old Navy jingle for Bermuda shorts is very annoying and one of those things that gets STUCK in your head and goes on and on and on and on.........
I gotta stop this, otherswise it isn't going to make any sense. Oh wait, it already doesn't ROFL:) Well still, shutting down the blog for the night. Adios all.
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