May 05, 2005

Are we moving back to a Puritan like lifestyle

Alright, I am all for dress codes, and the like, cause yeah, somethings just should not be worn at school. But This? Come on people, this is just opening up a world of hurt. Who is to say what is sexy and what is not? I believe this just opens the door for further subjugation of what we may or may not do in society.


Garrison Steelle said...

Let's hope the national scrutinty prevents it from going any further. My frequent comment has been that all the legislators who voted for the measure probably all want to be cheerleader inspectors as well.

There's no way this is even REMOTELY enforceable and should it pass will most certainly be over turned in court.


Anonymous said...

Some people look for "overt sexuality" so hard you would think there was a reward!!! They need to get a life. Obviously they do not have to earn a living like the rest of us.

DLJ said...

Go Lizzie your absolutly right about the puritan lifestyle.

Heck they were shaken it even clear back when me and fred flyntstone went to Highschool.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of idiot's i am sorry but if you think we are going back to a puritan lifestyle than you are crazy. First off I have yet to hear about any kids having to stand up when they eat or get chastized in the school system. There are more laws against child endangerment than Domestic spousal abuse and drug charges. You all are just complaining because you have nothing better to do! And uniforms are great it keeps wandering minds off of sexual things and also it stops excessive sterotyping! So shut your mouths and get on with your lifes!