May 20, 2005

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For a really good site, go see Catcher In the Rye ! I enjoyed myself greatly there.

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Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd post a little news from the "home front", as I sit here in air-conditioned comfort. Recent polling has shown consistently that 60% (that's 6 out of 10) Americans want an immediate total withdrawl from Iraq or an immediate partial withdrawl. 53% (a little more than half) of Americans now realize what the rest of the world knew all along, that invading Iraq was a mistake. The support of the American public has evaporated. They don't want you there in Iraq, and frankly, neither do the vast majority of Iraqis. Military recruiting is taking a nosedive as parents tell their kids not to sign up and kids choose not to because of fear of going to Iraq.
The parents say "let someone else go", meaning inner-city blacks, or Latinos who don't speak English, or white trash from the trainler parks, "not my kid". Despite all the phony "patriotism" and false fawning over people in uniform, the recruiting numbers show the REAL truth. How's it feel to be widely considered to be the lowest form of life in America?? This war is truly breaking the U.S. military, just thought you should know. You ought to shoot yourself in the foot or fake being crazy and get a Section-8. Don't stay in Iraq, because your death will be 100% MEANINGLESS. America is losing this war, more so every day, and it will ultimately have to withdraw from Iraq in a humiliating fashion. Don't be the last one to die in a lost cause, in a war that NEVER SHOULD HAVE STARTED.