May 25, 2005

No, not gone AWOL

I am sorry I have been off for a little while. The last few days I have been pretty busy running about, the last two days spent out in the sun at the ranges acting as the Combat Lifesaver (scary thought isn't it?) I am working on a fairly different blog that I will most likely post after returning from Miami over the Memorial Day holiday. Yep, laying down more rubber on I95:-D


Garrison Steelle said...

You are going to wear that road out. ;)


Pat in NC said...

My thanks to you for your service as I recall past and current military who have and are protecting our nation.

Garrison Steelle said...

Yo! Lizze! When you get a chance to put that cute ass of yours in front of a compuater, you've been tagged. ;)


DirtEater13 said...

I almost got the oppotunity in Camp Attabury to take the CLS course. I guess I should be more insistent next time, those are good promotion points.