June 01, 2005

Still around, just living an insane life

The last couple of weeks have been insane for me. Between last week's range week and this weeks prep for a range Thursday, I barely know which end is up. But here for your enjoyment, a few fun things.

I've been tagged by AFSister so here are my responses:
And here are the questions:

How many DVD/VHS’s do you own? 200+ (Hey, it got boring at times in Iraq)

What’s the last film you bought? Princess Diaries 2 (I think)

What’s the last movie you watched? Star Wars Episode III (Duuuuuuuuude)

What are your 5 favorite movies? Spaceballs, My Fair Lady, Secretary, Kiss Me Kate, and the Legally Blonde movies.

Now I am going to tag Redwood13 (Hah, got you baby brat:-D) Oh, and if you haven't been to see my brother lately, he is posting very regularily and has some very funny notes.

I found this exceedingly hilarious, mostly cause I can relate: 5 Dumb Things

Well, still working on that post, right now it is in different stages, part typed up from the handwritten manuscript I scribbled out at the range. I think you will all enjoy.
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