May 10, 2005


Due to my general inability to type, this blog is going to be short and sweet:-D I had my appointment with the hand surgeon this morning and that went rather interesting. I now have 2 issues down, 1 more to go. I now have a schedule for what I can expect to be done. The first treatment was a shot to the wrist, ick factor!!!! We started off going through the various scans that have been done, and then talked treatment options outside surgery. He said that he has seen this a few times before, and so knew what to do about it. Great. He told me though that the shot was rather unpleasant, so I was expecting a large needle. When he pulled out this itty bitty short thing, I almost laughed. He had me prop my arm up and prepped to stick me. He warned me that it was going to be a bit painful, as he was putting in some numbing medication , before the stuff that was supposed to help out in the area between the bones. Before sticking me, he looked at the other doctor and made a comment about patients flopping around like a catfish in the bottom of the boat. I immediatly protested that I wasn't like that, to which he replied that he hadn't stuck me yet. I may be a little annoying, as I constantly pepper my various doctors with questions, but an bad patient, never. Anyway, he proceeded to stick me, and after he finished, he remarked that it was the easist (insert REALLY big medical word here) stick he had ever had:-D Well, afterwards he flipped my wrist around and voila no more pain. However he did warn me that for the first few days the pain would probaly get worse before it got better and that the numbing medicine would last a few house. Unfortunatly for me by the time I got back to work, it had worn off and it started hurting again, and by that afternoon, I couldn't move my wrist at all and that is the way it has stayed. This SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But enough whining, I just hope that the steroids I was injected with works. And would you look at what I can do with one hand:-D
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