May 14, 2005

Odd things

I spent this morning babysitting for 2 little girls this morning and now know for sure there is no way I am only having one child. Definatly gotta go for 2 or more:-D It was just alot of fun watching them play together and interact (they are not siblings)
Driving to Target this afternoon I was driving by the mall and noticed this kid walking across the parking lot wearing black jeans, a black shirt, and a LONG sleeved black over shirt. Did I mention that the tempature here is in the 90's?
Giving new meaning to the joke "it's just more protien" : I saw this book on a Food network show called Incredible Eats. You have to see to believe, so click Here.
And can you imagine eating Rattlesnake? Yeah, not me. But apparently in Sweetwater, TX, they love it. One of those things that makes you want to say "only in Texas" :-D Yep, I like the Food network. I just can't wait until I can actually cook some of the things I see
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