May 17, 2005

Blatant plug in hopes that maybe someone at Google will notice me (or not, who cares:-D)

Man I gotta pay more attention to what I am doing. The first time I published this I did so without any text LOL. Anyway, this is just something wicked cool that I noticed today. As I am an avid Googler and blogger, I likey this store :

In other news now that I am done being a wise ass, I am not so hot today. Last few days I have been down with g-d knows what, causing headaches, sore throat, and other assorted pains on top of the current existing pain. Lovely. But I am dealing with it appropriately, yes I am getting an appointment with my doctor and in the meantime taking Tylenol.
Only a few more weeks until I switch to the admin job and I have to say I am dreading it. Not because I am afraid to do the work and put in the hours, but just because I am starting to feel as though I am not a part of any team anymore. My team is starting on to new projects, while I am assigned another project and so I feel seperated although I have not left the team yet. Not to mention that I will not have as much training as the team, and that sucks, but unfortunatly that is mostly due to the faact that I am broken. OOOOOO I hate that. It seems that no matter what these days, it always comes back to the fact that I am injured. Go dancing? nope that's out (regardless of what I was up to in Kuwait), Swimming? Beleive it or not even that hurts. Wear high heels? Yeah, been getting into trouble with that one lately. 20+ pairs of shoes in my closet and I can legitimately wear may 4 pairs. Can you tell I love heels and shoes? Had I more money I've no doubt that my closet would be full. But I am nothing compared to Grandma though, SHe has shoes to match every outfit and then some. You can't open a closet without finding shoes. Oh, Such a high goal to aspire to;) May hap someday:-D (I love you Grandma hehehehehehe *said in a very not so apologetic little girl voice*)
Well, I am back to my misery and a tall galss of OJ.
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