May 17, 2005

Blatant plug in hopes that maybe someone at Google will notice me (or not, who cares:-D)

Man I gotta pay more attention to what I am doing. The first time I published this I did so without any text LOL. Anyway, this is just something wicked cool that I noticed today. As I am an avid Googler and blogger, I likey this store :

In other news now that I am done being a wise ass, I am not so hot today. Last few days I have been down with g-d knows what, causing headaches, sore throat, and other assorted pains on top of the current existing pain. Lovely. But I am dealing with it appropriately, yes I am getting an appointment with my doctor and in the meantime taking Tylenol.
Only a few more weeks until I switch to the admin job and I have to say I am dreading it. Not because I am afraid to do the work and put in the hours, but just because I am starting to feel as though I am not a part of any team anymore. My team is starting on to new projects, while I am assigned another project and so I feel seperated although I have not left the team yet. Not to mention that I will not have as much training as the team, and that sucks, but unfortunatly that is mostly due to the faact that I am broken. OOOOOO I hate that. It seems that no matter what these days, it always comes back to the fact that I am injured. Go dancing? nope that's out (regardless of what I was up to in Kuwait), Swimming? Beleive it or not even that hurts. Wear high heels? Yeah, been getting into trouble with that one lately. 20+ pairs of shoes in my closet and I can legitimately wear may 4 pairs. Can you tell I love heels and shoes? Had I more money I've no doubt that my closet would be full. But I am nothing compared to Grandma though, SHe has shoes to match every outfit and then some. You can't open a closet without finding shoes. Oh, Such a high goal to aspire to;) May hap someday:-D (I love you Grandma hehehehehehe *said in a very not so apologetic little girl voice*)
Well, I am back to my misery and a tall galss of OJ.


DLJ said...

Hi Lizzie hope yer wrist is feeling better. have a great day and be cooooool.


Anonymous said...

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Rosemary said...

Dear Sarge,
I am sooooo sad to hear you are not feeling well. :(

Are you sure it isn't something feminine? :) It happens to me all the time. It never used to and then one day, right out of the blue, I was a wreck. Huh? That is what I said.

Don't feel so alone. Your team is thinking about you all the time. They miss you, and they are willing to wait for you to heal. So you do what the doctor says! If that doesn't work, give yourself the time you need.

NO steroids, okay? That's how you see all these big guys get back to work in sports. The thing you don't see is the pain they are in. xoxoxoxo