May 03, 2005

taking work home

It's a darned good thing I have no social life:-D Right now I am in the middle of a rather large project, and tonight I took it home with me. Oh so tired now, but I feel good. I rather like the feeling of accomplishment that one gets from a job well done. Somewhere in my pysche there is the ever present desire to be useful and needed, and when someone puts that to good use, it's kewl:)


ArmyofMom said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now and thoroughly enjoy it! Sorry I never commented before. My oldest son was in Iraq for a year and is getting ready to redeploy again this fall. I feel like all of you are my kids. I like your wit, humor, honesty,love of life, and dedication. Keep on blogging; I'll keep reading. And by the way.. thank you for all you have done.

unknownchum said...

Like the other commenters...I keep up with you but don't comment much. Think of your blog as your story- you manage to make it interesting enough that we want to know what happens next ;)
Keep it up.

Garrison Steelle said...

Social life? What's a social life? ;) Just be careful. Once you've started they'll expect the same effort and more the next time. Being needed is nice. Being swallowed whole is quite another.

You know that. ;)