June 08, 2005

I started school!

I began online classes on Monday, so if I don't blog as often, it is because I have assignments to finish (like tonight:-D) It is a little intimidating, but thus far I am enjoying it.
I also started in my new position as Admin NCOIC, so my hours have gotten longer, e.g. I came home tonight at 6PM
Once upon a time I used to enjoy thunderstorms. Now, not so much so. The crack of the thunder startles me frequently, particularily when it cracks over head. But it was amusing today as after work I left my building, and in the less then a minute it took me to walk between the garbage and my car, I was soaked to the bone. When I got home and inside my room, I stripped down, and not one shred of clothing was dry. I could wring out my uniforms, they were that wet ROFL:) So I am not going anywhere this evening, I am sitting in my comfortable room, and doing my schoolwork:)
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