June 13, 2005

Oh yeah, I rock, I rule

It was kind of a rocky start to my first week of school. It was just my luck to be starting both school and my new job all at the same time, but I think I did just fine. My days last week consisted of me being at work early, leaving late, and then the minute I got home, started straight in on school. I told myself that I was taking Friday night off, to talk to my boyfriend and to relax a bit, but what was I doing that night? You guessed it, schoolwork ROFL. BUT, I turned in all assignments on time, and so far am doing great!
I am still working on my newest story, and will post it as soon as I finish it.


Garrison Steelle said...

Well, at least when you're that busy you can't get into TOO much trouble. ;)


DirtEater13 said...

Good luck with your classes.

So what's this "tag" thing? I assume I have to answer those questions and then get someone else to?

Sam said...

Wow - starting a new job is hard and scary enough - but on top of that school! Good Luck - You must have it together - Congrats and keep up the good work

Rosemary said...

Hi Lizzie. Welcome to my world! Well, it used to be. I worked my way all the way through college. You will do just fine. Get the work done before it is due, read ahead the known chapters, write down your questions so you don't forget them, and enjoy yourself! LOL. Good to hear you're doing well. Take care.