June 20, 2005

Still here

I just returned last night from another trip to NC to visit family:-D Upon my return I then had to sit down and catch up on my schoolwork. I love my job, and I love my school, but both together? Sheeesh am I one busy little girl:) It has been wonderful though, even though I know I haven't written. But I will start posting more entries from the early days in Iraq, and I do have a few more stories on tap (if I can ever sit down and finish them ROFL) .
You know that feeling you get, when you get off a hard day's work, and you just want to go home and cuddle with your loved one? But then you can't because they are far away? THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for all this mess to be complete, and for me to get control of my life back. ( I am a control freak in case you couldn't tell:-D )
Well, I need to get back to work. 1SG likes to keep me busy:-D I do love my job.
Oh and on that sort of side note, I took a look at Monster.com and discovered that I really needn't be so anxious about finding a job in the outside world. Most of the jobs I looked at that I was interested in, I was perfectly qualified for with my years of experience in the Administrative/operational field. Made me feel a bit better.
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