July 29, 2005

Finally Friday

SLEEPING IN TOMORROW, DON'T CALL ME. Ok not that you would because very few of you out there have my number:-D
Anyways, it has been a pretty busy week for me, the last 3 days I was in a workshop designed to help me in my transition from SGT L to Miss L. The best part? I got to run around wearing civilian clothes. It also made me realize something when I opened my closet to find appropriate attire. I have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. I have been in the Army for over 5 years now. The most I have ever needed were jeans, t-shirts, party attire, and the occasional formal gown. I didn't wear suits, although I do love them dearly. I went window shopping online and found some great stuff, so now I need to save LOL.
Back to topic though, they went over such things as Resume writing, interview tips, and tips on finding jobs. Incredibly helpful, suprisingly, and I enjoyed myself immensely.
My plans for the weekend: Tomorrow I babysit from 0600-1800 as my best friend has duty, then on Sunday, have a manic heart attack because I have a 10 page term paper due and I SUCK! No, I haven't left this to the last minute, I have been doing research, reasearch and more research. I have also written down what apparently equals a page and a half when typed into Word. Oh well, I will be fine I suppose. Next week I start History and I know I am going to LOVE that subject.
Well, I am still at work, though I really want to be going home now.
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