August 01, 2005

Nit picky people drive me crazy

I got back, for the FIFTH time (I think), the paperwork for someone's back pay! Why did I get it back? I had written a date in pen, not typed. Oh, and the time before that, they sent it back because it didn't have a VOCO date (don't ask me, I don't know). But believe you me, it was STUPID! Hello, persons PAY here? Money? Anyway, enough ranting.
I had an appointment this morning with a resume professional, and she was GREAT. I got lots of great ideas to start my first one, and I will see her again next week after I have written up my first one.
It is very hard to write one's resume and babysit, but I did accomplish that this evening. I now have a problem though, my resume is 3 1/2 pages. From all that I have read, this isn't exactly a good thing. I just don't know where to pare down. Ah well, I will fix it next week with the resume professional.


Lucys5Cents said...

Ah, the Resume...well, there are those who believe in hard & fast rules, but then you're leaving the military! Outside, in this day & age, things are a little looser, but -- that doesn't mean that there aren't tons of books & people making a living to sell you on the "1-page resume only" theory. Consider a compromise. You've done a lot. You have a lot to be proud of that has direct bearing on skills and aptitudes that might not otherwise come through in a 1-pager. You've gotta tell Your story. So don't let Atilla the Hun drive you nuts about those terse 1-pagers. Or, better, do a version for 'them' and do another that's REALLY the story you'd like a solid good employer candidate to know about you and be proud about it! Conventions come & go much like skirt lengths on suits. :--) But what's more important is the Cover Letter -- that's what captures their first glance, *if* at all. If they're engaged by THAT letter, they will then decide to study your resume, be it 1 or 2 pages, bullitized or sentence format (or stick figure diagrams!) Hey, you're going to be irresistible to some darn smart employer, just remember that!!

Jim Fitz said...

Hey Kid

I'm an idiot, how ya doing! Whats a blogger so I don't have to "type" this a 3rd time!!??

Rachel and I have a thing called "Almost Home". We've been privledged to try helping vets who got that PTSD happening, from the 'Nam mostly.

So, we need to know what we are calling the bad guys these days. In 'Nam it was slope, dink, zip, etc. What is it now in the Raq??
Helps us understand. We have a dictionary titled "The Language of the War" for the Big 60's Adventure. For training therapist.

Keep your shit wired tight at all times in the Raq troop. Keep it down.

Best Bunny, Jim Fitz