August 01, 2005

One would have thought I'd at least score over 90%

What'd I do wrong?
You Are 87% American
You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!


BurtB said...

you are complaining about three lousy percentage points?

I love you any way.

I have been away so long, I did not know you were leaving the army.
Their loss.

or did you make that choice...
I guess I need to sift thru the archives.

Anonymous said...

I am a lt in the AF reserve and I only got a 84 on that blogthing survey. don't worry about the score. Just found your blog site through the article in the Early Bird and thought I'd read a bit about your service and adventures (??) Anyway, I fly my desk everyday but LOVE what I do and know it's important. Be praying for you...

Professor Sport said...

A flawed survey, you can fly the flag but if you eat brie and prefer wine to beer you are un-American. But if you eat American cheese, drink American beer and like corny country music, you can burn the flag and be a real American. So, I would not put too much stock in the scores.

Anonymous said...

What a crock. I chose all the "dumb" redneck answers and got a 97%

When I changed "NASCAR and wrestling" to "football and baseball," and the score dropped from 97% to 90%

So, football and baseball are "less American" than football and baseball?

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I meant: So, football and baseball are "less American" than NASCAR and wrestling?

The Fool said...

Wow. Their idea of "Americaness" is really skewed to the red states.

You Are 51% American
Most times you are proud to be an American.
Though sometimes the good ole US of A makes you cringe
Still, you know there's no place better suited to be your home.
You love your freedom and no one's going to take it away from you!

OK, so I like bleu cheese. Sue me.

Anonymous said...

If being American is drinking tasteless beer, eating bland food, and watching wrestling, then I'll be French.

Anonymous said...

[b]84% I ALWAYS AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.[/b] I love Nascar and very much dislike Wrestling. But there is nothing more american than Nascar, baseball, REAL FOOTBALL, hotdogs, apple pie( ala mode too ). Nothing better than a cold Bud light a ballpark hot dog smothered with mustard and onions, hell yeah! I am 100% american it is is my heart, my bones, my very being. Sorry not being obnoxious, but that test, is way off to measure how truely american one is. I like ceasar and greek salads, wth, that doesn't take anything from me being a RED BLOODED AMERICAN. I have 4 older brothers that served their country. I got pregnant at 18, but my husband served. And then I am married to a Marine Special Op's. My Son was in the Navy. ON and ON...God Bless You and PLEASE change that test if you are going to have one. I refuse to ever watch Wrestling...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL! Great site and thank you and my nephew, who just got home from Iraq and all in every part of the world fighting for our country. Oh, personally, I like Lee Greenwood! Keep Blogging!

Anonymous said...

Yep, the title of that should be "ARE YOU A RED NECK AMERICAN?"

Neil C. Reinhardt