July 22, 2005

One entertaining day (and it's nowhere near done)

I am currently on staff duty, otherwise known as 24 hours of hell and boredom. I started out this morning at 0530, getting up for PT formation, then heading home to change for duty. I got here at 0730 and since then it has been going pretty interesting. Earlier this morning my former CSM called me personally after he had called for someone else earlier to talk to me. ME! That was a surprise. Then an old friend of mine who is still in Iraq called for connection to the home phone number which was very pleasant:-D At first I wasn't sure he remembered who I am, to which he said who could forget my face. Yes, my very at the time bruised face I cracked. Then he said I had a "cute" voice over the phone. Actually a number of people told me that after hearing me answer the phone multiple times. It hasn't stopped ringing yet with deployed people needing to be patched through to their loved ones here.
And I don't think I have lost THAT much weight. Someone I worked for made that comment earlier.
Fortunatly for me, I have an interesting Private on duty with me as my runner, and the yuks are non stop.
Oh, Go see Mace's Madness (link in sidebar) for funny movie reviews.
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