July 18, 2005

Mondays anyone?

yeah it's been funny today. Starting this morning, if it could get weird, it did. Heading to PT I got out a little late, and was unable to cross the road for about 5 minutes, making me VERY close to being late. Oops number one. Then, up on time for work, dressed, showered and out the door, where I made it to work early. Almost to the door when asked the question "where is your headgear?" Yep, at home sitting in its usual spot. Oops number two. There and back to work, where my temporary tooth managed to snap off of its wires, and fall out of my mouth. oops number three. The rest of the morning passed reasonably uneventful, and I headed home for a quick lunch where I managed to screw up microwave Mac and Cheese. Oops number four. Back to work to get some paperwork done before I needed to leave at 1330 for my appointment at 1400. Come about 1430, buried deep in my work, I realize I am not supposed to be there. Oops number five. (you keeping up here?) Earlier in the day I had made an emergency appointment with my orthodontist to have my teeth repaired, and very nearly forgot it. Almost oops number six. However, I made it there and back, teeth fixed, and back up to work I went. Later on that afternoon, I look out the window to see storm clouds gathering. Sunroof was open in my car. So run down the stairs did I, just in time. As I hobbled back into my office, the heavens opened and down came the down pour. He heheh. I tried to wait it out buuuuut no could do. By the time I got home, the streets were flooded, and I was soaked. Here I sit, finally dry:-D
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