July 17, 2005

Free Will

If you are in Asheville, NC, or have a vacation there anytime soon, find your way to Montford park. They have a wonderful production of Shakespeares "Comedy of Errors" in an outdoor amphitheatre that is absolutly free. So pack a picnic, grab your chairs and blankets, and head on down. It was wonderful, and so much fun. Mum and I packed up the children, and some really good chicken wraps, and along with my 14 y/o sisters boyfriend, down we went, and I laughed and laughed. Oh, and watching one's child in the back seat making out with a boy is very disturbing. (ok so she wasn't really making out but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Other then that, the weekend was a pretty normal weekend at home with my family, I also got my NC drivers license (g-d awful photo). Despite the three hour drive it is always worth it. Heck, Even my baby brother likes me now:-D
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