July 12, 2005

The road less traveled

I decided on a whim this Saturday to pay a surprise visit to Mummy. Ok, it had more to do with the fact that I was baby-sitting my best friends 2 year old baby girl and I didn't want to subject her to the boredom that is my room. So, I loaded up my stuff rapidly, loaded Chrissy, and off we went. For those of you who have ever traveled with a young one, you know that it can be quite tortuous. Not for me this time. I swear I have never had a quieter ride:) We got up there, and as I pulled in, mother was sitting outside on her chair. She got up, and I could see the confusion, worry, and other things going through her mind, as I was not due up until this Thursday. I got out, and announced that I had company with me. She rolled her eyes and asked me who it was, then laughed as I pulled Chrissy out of the back seat. I took her inside, and introduced her to my siblings. While it took her a while to get accustomed to the madness that is my family, by the time the family went out for Mummy's birthday dinner, the babies were playing together quite nicely, and Tavy had taken on the role of miss bossy pants.
Going to dinner was quite an adventure, as Mum had no idea where she wanted to g, so we drove and drove and drove til we ended up at a very nice TGI Fridays. Our waitress's name was Sarah and a very sweet girl. Anyone who can put up with my raucous crowd is great:-D And surprise, at the end of the evening, I was able to find my way home, although getting directions from my beloved mother is NOT the easiest thing in the world.
The next morning we headed out to church, which went very well, and after church, Chrissy and I took off again for home, though this didn't go quite as expected. Going along the road, I decided to see if I could take a short cut on a road I was not familiar with. Rule number 1: DON'T take shortcuts that you don't know. This one took me about a hour to navigate (thank goodness for my map) but it was one of the prettiest roads I have ever been on. The road was windy and curvy, so green and full of wonderful foliage, and defiantly one I want to travel again.

So home I am now, and it has been an interesting week. Monday was manically busy, then this morning, I decided that morning formation at 0630 wasn't that important and slept right through it. Ok, I really just forgot to set my clocks properly and woke up way late. But boy did I feel good all day hehehehe.


Garrison Steelle said...

So, your Mum's what now, 18? 19? ;)


Anonymous said...

keep on soldier, the negative people have no understanding that freedom isnt free, there's a price to pay for it. good luck and god bless.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for what you are doing in Iraq.

I hope when this is over that some of our servicemen and women will become writers and columnists and newscasters and politicians.

Thank you. One day the world will appreciate the job you are doing.

Derek Sanders said...

Dearest Sgt. Lizzie,
It is with great respect I send this thought to you about the wonderful job of soldiering you are presently portraying. I can only imagine the things you think about back home here in the USA but assure you that they are in fact here and intact. Those of us that served this country years ago are so ready to take up arms if need be to ensure that you and yours get to sit around on Sunday afternoons and eat a warm slice of cherry, apple, or strawberry pie. Rest assured it won't be necessary, as you and your fellow soldiers have put the world back on notice that this United States of America will NOT sit idly by while "cowardly people" attack and take our innocent lives here, as was done during 911. I can't imagine not seeing an enemy, and having all of the frustration in front of you and what must go through ones mind but I do know that you are presently a part of the bravest, most courageous Americans ever to dawn the uniform. For those things I thank you and wish you godspeed on your journey. I'm sure you will always be proud of your duty to this country, as you should be. Please feel this vibe and know that WE are behind you and will wave the flag high and proud as you walk by. Please continue to train the unsure, teach them what you have learned so they too can walk with the confidence that is needed to survive your duty. Sincerely, Derek Sanders, Watson, Illinois