August 25, 2005

Long days

Yesterday I was out at the range all day, HOT as all get out. Thankfully my only job consisted of being on hand in case of injury, and as I am just that darned good, I did nothing but sit around all day long reading my history and writing my story:-D I was never so glad to get home though cause I was HOT, sweaty and stinky. That shower felt SOOOOO good.
Today was very very full, busy most of the morning catching up, then I got a call this afternoon from the medical board section, it came back from San Antonio. I won't go into specifics, but I am officially unfit for duty, and will be out within two-three months. A very intense feeling right now. Everything I am, my identity has been so wrapped around being in the Army, being SGT L. that I am uncertain now. I have been looking online, and have done my resume, but it is still a very unsettling thing to think about. Thankfully I have the support of my family and my wonderful sweetheart, I know that this will come out ok. I do enjoy challenges, so this is a new one to face. Life on the outside, here I come, better watch out!
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