August 10, 2005

Ooooo Lala

Now this guy is not a cute little boy. I think he is the most gorgeous, good looking, and sexiest guy around, and really wish he were a hell of a lot closer to me:-D (Sorry girls, he's mine!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Thomas said...

How much longer are you going to be over there?

Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Hey Lizzie:

U R Famous!

Washington Post Article

Blue Moon Mama said...


I read about you in the Post today. You ARE famous.

Take care.

1LT Brian Anderson said...


I am a Public Affairs Officer with US Central Command. I would like to talk with you about getting a link posted to your site. Please contact me


1LT Brian Anderson

ultrarunningmybuttoff said...

Looks like a great guy. Congrats. Take care and be careful. Just started blogging myself. See you later.Jeff

Anonymous said...

To Le Bel and Mesa,

What an excellent blog! I discovered it by reading the Washington Post.

In 2001 and 2002 I was stationed with you guys in Korea and I am so happy for the both of you. I'll never forget how skillful Mesa was driving a 5-ton truck through downtown Seoul.

Have you told the story about how you pierced your tongue at Camp Casey? That was a riot!


Anonymous said...

And Le Bel,

Saw the photo with you in your class A's...

Very proud of you. I never had to go over there, and there you are with the Purple Heart and all.

I still think everyone should hear-in detail-about the dangers of having some dingbat pierce your tongue.

Anonymous said...

He is worth the wait. Keep him in mind and the time will go fast. Retired reservist who is writing about women in the military. We need more of you.

Old GI Joe said...

Sarge - We appreciate your service and sacrifice to the country and democracy. Take the long views from two perspectives. What would happen if we immediately pulled out, not just there, but elsewhere. What will the place and the Middle East be like in ten years?