August 12, 2005

On Being compared to Ernie Pyle

The New Ernie Pyles I was quite pleased with this comparison, as I have read every Ernie Pyle book out there and loved them. I do have to make one correction here (Sorry Mr. Finer:) I was born in Haverhill, Massachussetts, but was raised as an AF brat, so my roots run where I plant them:-D But it is a wicked cool article, and has caused some amusement around my company this morning from those I have shown it to:-D
In other news, I am preparing to head out to the field next week for a company exercise. A chance to lay out the cot, roll out the sleeping bag, and play like I was camping LOL.
Actually, I am supposed to really go camping this weekend, though that may be postponed due to weather. My company is going to have a get together this weekend, and the original plan was to meet out at the park, cook out, throw a ball around so on and so forth, and then those who wished to were going to stay out there overnight. I was going to throw up my army issue pup tent and everything. I love camping, don't do it nearly often enough, but I do NOT go by myself. I am a little chicken when it comes to being out in the woods alone at night. Something about big bad scary animals. I am just hoping there aren't a lot of daddy long legs out there. We had that problem during PLDC a few years ago, and I woke up to find at least 10 of them crawling around my tent. NO I did not run outside screaming (as the boys apparently expected any female to do when encountering these creatures). I learned a long time ago that they can't hurt me. Now a black widow...........that's another story. Anyways, I am starting to ramble on and I really should be working.
PS was thinking about what I am going to retitle this blog when I leave the Army. The web address will remain the same, but I was thinking something along the lines of "this girls life after the army" Who knows and we shall see.
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