August 13, 2005


Ladies and gentleman, My little corner of the blogoshpere has recieved Over 50,000 visitors as of yesterday, over half of them visiting yesterday! Thank YOU for the continued support of myself and all troops out there, and for all those who like to spread negativity, please remember that we stand in front of you, so that you may continue to have the right to spread your negativity and your beliefs. As for me, I will continue to soldier on until the day I leave this great Army. HOOOOAH! Nuff said.
In other news, I went out last night for the first time in ages, and as it was 80's night dressed appropriatly:

The cigarette is a prop!
Today we have a company picnic out by the lake and those of us who so choose plan on staying the night. I am dragging my (army issue) Pup tent, air mattress (not THAT hardcore), and my sleeping bag, and I plan on having a blast.
Someone made the request (Street) yesterday for me to relate a REALLY bad story about myself that occured about 4 years ago while I was on an exercise in Camp Casey, Korea. So it goes something along these lines: We had been up in Camp Casey for an exercise, out of Camp Humphreys, so all of us females were staying in one tent together. There was a couple of other girls from another unit, and one of them had her tongue pierced. I was very fascinated by this, and asked her about it. She told me that she could actually do it, having done it before, so long as she was able to get the necessary equipment. Me being the impetuous 21 y/o I was at the time, decided what the hell, why not? A few days later, we had everything together, needle soaking in listerine, and me with a paper towel under my tongue. "This won't really hurt" she said as she stuck the needle through and I proceeded to wince in dire pain while giving her the look of "you will die evil being". I was good and done and I had a metal post running through the rear of my tongue. Of course, just about everyone in the unit found out in rapid time, and I was subject to a bit of ribbing and warnings (this is not allowed in the Army after all). A couple of days passed by, I didn't eat much and had exceedingly fresh breath from all of the listerine I was swishing about. I was on night shift and about the second night, my tongue began to swell to the point where the bottom ball dissapeared INTO the tongue. BAD THINGS! So I had to fess up to my Master sergeant, as I needed to go to the hospital soon. He, after a bit of laughter, loaded me up and off we went to the emergency room where we spent two hours. The first hour the docs were trying to contain their laughter and figure out just what to do with me. They finally ended up shooting my mouth with lidocaine, relaxing me with Valium, and then prying this post out. Almost immediatly my tongue began to ease. They then gave me Tylenol with codiene and sent me packing. By the time we returned, I was high as a kite and there were thankfully only a few hours before time to go home. I spent the rest of the night blissfully high, and as we left, the girls tried very hard to get me to bed. ("see the pretty purple elephants............") I don't remember exactly when it was, but my BC (Battalion Commander) came up to me, and mentioned that he had heard about the little incident. His only remark was "did you learn your lesson?" YES SIR!!!! and I was left alone, subject only to the endless torment from my peers. (No, I didn't learn my lesson I did it again 8 months later, this time by a professional. It ended up getting pulled about a month later under threat of punishment. NO we will NOT being doing this again (maybe) :-)
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