August 14, 2005


Montgomery Gentry is in concert tonight, less then half a mile from my room. I love their music! Why am I not there you ask? Something about extremely LOUD noise, and LOTS of people:) I can hear it from here though.
Seen on a big truck: Hunting is like Sex: You need the right equipment, size, and talent. Oooooooooooooooook:-D
Tonight is movie night: National Treasure, Romancing the Stone, and Monk, season 2, volumes 1+2. Got my cobbler, check, ice cream, check, remotes, CHECK! See ya later.


Apostle John said...

Wow, what a great night - Monk AND cobbler!

Anonymous said...

I came across your site by way of the Houston Chronicle's page. As I read your blog, I came across a picture of my nephew....what are the odds. Heard the new is not official yet, but what the heck...welcome to the family.
Mesa's in Houston who are fans of Monk. Enjoy the evening.

"LarryJ" said...

Hey there I have to say I got the information on your site from Stars and Stripes... very inspirational. I never did know that you could do blogging for free until i found out about you... I even started my own Blog page. But when you mention about the Loud Noise and Crowds... I feel you and there are many more of us who are the same way. I can't even go to the mall without having an uncomfortable feeling in my GUT... SO just know we are all out there and I know I appreciate everything you did in Iraq... so take care and Hope I dont see you on the next surge...

"Larry J"

DirtEater13 said...

A few dozen people here in Arifjan want me to tell you they're happy for your recovery and that your face is pretty again.

Witt tells me that you think I'm a flake. I'm inclined to believe I am, but how so?

Anonymous said...

I work for a public radio station in Boston, and am interested in setting up an interview with you sometime this week. Interested?

If so, please email me:


Prodigal Son said...

i know this is late but I HATE YOU!! i wanted to see that concert but left 1 week before. anyhoo .. UGH .. Trick Pony are gunna b here at end of month :)