August 15, 2005

I don't like Mondays

My soldiers are going to be the death of me I swear. Anyone who knows me well, knows that my first priority in anything is always going to be them. I piss people off frequently for working way too hard for others and ignoring myself. Anyway, majority of my company is in the field this week, so I am left at the office pretty much alone, and we just have 4 new guys show up on my doorstep with only one other person to help take care of them, and he just got here last week himself! So this morning has been entertaining trying to make sure that they get where the need to go, and are taken care of, as we also have 2 married guys who need to get places to live. Hotel living is just not fun. Being new they have tons of questions of course, and I am more than happy to answer them, but lordy, I have questions coming at me from all different angles ROFL:-D
I didn't actually go camping last Saturday, no one else apparently planned on it, so I loaded my stuff up after being at the company picnic an appropriate amount of time and headed home to talk to my sweetheart. I'd rather talk to him than be bored any day. I was kinda dissapointed I didn't get to go camping though, as I really do enjoy "roughing" it:-D


larkohio said...

Lizzie, Sounds like the civilian world, too much work to do, not enough people to do it all. Just hang in there and do the best you can. Nobody can do everything.

Still proud of you, and all of those serving over there.

You, and those you work with every day, need to know that we pray for all of you, and are so grateful for your service.

Hang in there, and can't wait until you all can come home, and relax awhile. You deserve it.

God bless and keep you.

Lizzy H. said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I think your pretty cool, your always upbeet and try to be positive but you tell stuff like it is. You girls and guys are doin a great job in iraq.

God Bless

krsaboga said...

Hey Lizzie -

Read your blog just today about the december nightmare...I'm a real life psychotherapist - (HTG) have worked a lot with trauma - Can pass on some info if you like.
Be well,

Anonymous said...

Just remember Little Lizzie, you're fighting a war for the rich oil sucking bastards (does Exon & Halliberton sound familiar?)not our freedom.

If our freedoms are diminishing by the day (Dept of Homeland Security my ass!)then what you fighting for?

Glad you are having fun over there.

Cheers ......

larkohio said...

Anonymous, Get off Lizzie's back. Just let her alone, and all the rest of the military folks who are slogging it out far from home.

No matter what your political opinions are, and I have mine, too, Lizzie signed up for the military and is doing her job. She doesn't need crap from any of us stateside.

If you want to change the political climate, contact your representative, senators, or run for office yourself and change things. In the mean time, our military is doing what they enlisted to do at great cost.

If you cannot be supportive, then move on, and let people like Lizzie and the others alone to do their jobs.

Whether I support the war or not, I support Lizzie, and all the other brave men and women in uniform.

Hang in there, Lizzie.

May said...

I was in your shoes not too long ago! The civilian world sucks, I miss the Army! God Bless and Keep you and Good luck when you get out!

Ian said...

Larkohio stop being a tool. What you said is nice and all, but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Jefferson said that. Franklin said, "Those that would sacrifice a little liberty for a little security deserve niether." In this case you would sacrifice liberty for illusion and the goodfeelings of soldiers.

Soldiers have signed up for a job. Lizzie has signed up for a job. They should have the backbone to listen to other people's criticism of it. If not, then they can ignore it. But trying to silence someone because they don't agree and let the status quo carry forth is not only stupid, it's dangerous.

Are you saying that individuals, soldiers or not, are not responsible for their actions based on the idea that they were just carrying out orders? If I remember, that view was expressly denied by our current president in refrence to Al Quaida. It is further repudiated by my own conscience.

Good day Lizzie, I pray you come home alive.

geoffreyl said...


I read your story in the Wichita Eagle Beacon.

I wanted to cry...I am so proud to be an American and have soldiers like yourself protecting me, my family, and the American way of life.

God bless you.

DirtEater13 said...

Well, my NCO's are going to be the death of me.

Sgt K said...


Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog!! I first leanred about it in "Stars and Stripes". I've been reading the current stuff, plus going through the archives. Currently, I'm at LSA Anaconda. Have you been here? ALso, what does ROFL mean?
Keep up the good work!!

Sgt K

larkohio said...

Ian, I was here and present for the war in Vietnam. I remember how it was then, and am determined that our military should be supported regardless of whether or not I support the war.

My friends fought in Vietnam, and now our kids are fighting in Afganistan and Iraq. I am nobodies tool, but I am squarely behind the troops.

I am a mother first, and Lizzie could easily be my daughter.

She has my love and support.

Anonymous said...


You Go Girl!

Great reading.

Do a book when you get home.

Garrison Steelle said...

Uhm, is this where the fun part starts? ;)


Always speak your mind said...

I jsut wanted to say, Lizzie you are living the dream I wanted to so long ago!! I pray for everyone in the military everyday!! For the duchebag who wrote that you are fighting for oil, he can kiss my ass, because if his boss were to tell him to do something and he said no...well guess what, he'd be out of a job. So for all who believe in American freedom live on, and live free. For those who aren't for the war.....GET THE HELL OUT OF THE U.S.A THEN!!! Let us proud Americans support our troops with the appreciation tehy deserve!!

Anonymous said...

You go Girl. Tell it like it is.
I'm an old retired "Puking Buzzard" that did 22 years and three nam vacations, but the jungle isn't anything like the street fighting that you all have to put up with.
Hang in there--hold your head high--and come home in one piece and proud,

Anonymous said...


you could be in the navy!



Tabby said...

Being a proud wife of an American solider I just have to say reading your blogs make me smile, it is always good to see another solider that is able to smile and go about their day with their head held high and know they are proud to do the job they do.

Never let the arseholes in the world get you down, what you do is admirable and shows true selflessness. I see it every day and everyday I thank God for men and women like you and my husband. Without all our services members where would this world be? Scary thoughts isn't it?

I just wanted to say Thank You for the job you do. And your an amazing person to do it.

God Bless and Keep You.

Wife of a 25th Soldier

larkohio said...

Thanks to you and your husband, too, Tabby....

SGT RM said...

Lizzy, did you get yourself a Purple Heart because of the injuries from the IED? Just curious. Having one entitles you to many benefits in the USA, License Plates, State Benefits from whatever State you call home.
Promotion points if you are in long enough to need them, and monthly V.A. Compensation.

best wishes to you when you get back to the USA. BTW, since the IED
damaged your teeth (IIRC), the VA
will do their best to fix those pearly whites.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sgt. Lizzie

I am a new reader of your blog, mostly because my youngest son, Eric is due to deploy to Iraq within the next 3 weeks. I hope I can get him to do something like what you are doing if just to release some of the tension I know he will feel being there.

On to your blogging though, excellent work here! I am working my way back and seeing what your life has been like in the last few months, I have to say as a US Marine's mother ... OOH RAHH to you and what you are doing to keep your troops safe. I support any and all of our military in any way I can and thank you for your service to our country.

Tami (aka Marine Mom on MSN Spaces)

Jenn said...

Sgt Lizzie,

This is just going out to any person stationed in Iraq that doesn't have any friends or family to really talk to. If you know of any soldiers...male or female....that need someone to talk to and communicate with, please give them my e-mail and tell them not to be afraid to write.

Cassandra said...


Remember "Gulf War syndrome" from the first Persian Gulf War? I found out what it is: depleted uranium poisoning. See, the Department of Defense still claims it's harmless, and uses it now more than ever, in Abrams tank armor, in tank gun rounds, in 30mm ammunition fired from A-10 'Warthogs' and a myriad of other uses I'm not privy to. Is it used in the ammunition of the 25mm Bushmaster chain gun on the Bradleys and Marine LAV-25s? I don't know; if I had to guess I'd say it probably is. The worst part is when it turns into depleted uranium dust; a single particle of it lodged in your respiratory system is cancer-causing. Depleted uranium dust is blowing around in the wind all over Iraq. So far the Department of Defense has used in this war over four times the amount of depleted uranium dust used in Gulf War One, and it's not over yet. Imagine how much worse "Gulf War syndrome" is going to be this time!! So far over 200,000 vets of Gulf War One have filed for disibilty because of being crippled by it and are in various stages of dying miserably. Several thousand have died already from it. It also afflicts their spouses and even causes their babies to be born with grotesque deformities!!
So how about that? The Department of Defense "supports the troops" by first poisoning you all, then denying it knows what is causing the "mystery illness"!! Their callous disregard for the well-being of the troops is breathtakingly despicable. Every soldier, marine, airman and sailor should be thoroughly outraged. Please pass this information on to everyone you can.