August 20, 2005

Picture post cause I am too lazy to write tonight.

Washing sticky face:-D

It is a lazy Saturday evening at home for me. I spent the day cleaning and now I am sitting back, relaxing, and talking to the same person I talk to everynight:-D

This is what happens when you put four unruly teenagers together:-D

"Lizzie, look at my tonsils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JUST A MOM said...

TOOOO SWEET Lizzie, I hear my daughter was by and kicked some butt for ya. Your lookin good girl. said...

To a soldier and a wonderful young lady and well earned titled... i wish you and all soldiers and people that are out there the best of luck. remember to hold your head up high each and everyday, even if hard times come, you will always get through to the best and you have earned as well as all the troops out there. i look forward in having a helping hand as you have had and becoming apart of a family that will always live on for themselves and this country, the military.