November 14, 2005

Adventures in.......................Yardsales!

We put probably 100+ miles on my car Saturday traveling throughout the city looking for people who no longer wanted some of their things. As we got a later start, we did strike out a good bit, but we did come away with a bread machine, so my dreams are fulfilled. No, seriously here, I have been dying for a bread machine since I don't know when. I LOVE fresh bread. We also found a beautiful refinished drop leaf dresser for a very reasonable price. Getting that, into my tiny car was FUNNY! We ended up securing it in the trunk, with multiple ropes crisscrossing it, and then driving VERY slowly home, hoping it wouldn't fall out.
Later that day we went for an adventure in the Foothills trying to find a few more yard sales we had seen signs for. In one case, we went looking for a moving sale, only to end up coming back to the same place three times, and still not finding it.
Did you know trying to find a bean bag chair is nigh to impossible. Most major stores did have them for back to school, but now no longer! We did finally find some disc chairs at Target, so we do have some place to sit and use our TV trays for dinner.
Can you tell we need furniture still?
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