November 11, 2005

I love my little city

Settling into the apartment is fun, although I really need a job. I could never be a stay at home wife ROFL. Not enough mind stimulation. I spent this afternoon refinishing a little patio set I purchased today. It was originally white and somewhat rusted, so I sanded it, and primed it, and now it is a beautiful hunter green. And so are my hands, my feet, and areas in my hair ROFL!!!!!!!!! I can't do much without making a mess of myself.
We went grocery shopping yesterday at the local Fry's and lord a mercy! We left with a car load, but now we don't have to go for a few weeks. It is starting to feel more like home, and I love the fact that I can read through my cookbooks, and when I see a recipe I like, not have to automatically decide whether or not I can make it in the microwave. I can make anything I want and can make now! I LOVE cooking.
Right now I am sitting here at Bookmans on Grant and Campbell. I remember this place from when I was younger, cause I love to read and cheap books are the best!
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