November 18, 2005

And so we go on

I have my resume in with a temp agency here in Tucson, and have been going on interviews through them for a while. I discovered that this was a good way to go as the person assisting me is able to find only the best jobs and the ones most likely to hire me, although that has not happened just yet. The sting of rejection is starting to suck. I was offered one job, however chose not to take it as I did not think it a good fit for me personally. And so we go on.
However this morning was interesting, as one of the agency's clients had a sudden need for a receptionist, and as my person knew, I was around LOL. So she called me up and asked if I could do this for her. Right now, just about anything to get me out of this apartment is good. I rapidly prepared and drove north to the firm. I then spent the next 3 hours either answering phones, or twiddling my thumbs. I did have a chance to stuff a few envelopes though. It was an interesting place though, and the people who worked there very nice. The phone system fascinated me, as it was computer based. Very fun, and entertaining when more then one call came in one right after the other.
This evening, Daniel and I have reservations at the Laff's comedy club here in town. We discovered it last night while browsing the paper and decided to check it out. Neither one of us is very fond of clubs, with the loud music and crowded places, so a comedy club sounded perfect. We got to the bar attached to the place around 9:30 or so and the bartender greeted us. When he found out that we were new and had missed the show, he gave us a coupon for free admission, so I look forward to tonights hilarity. The bar itself was very nice, even after the show let out it had a very relaxed atmosphere, not very noisy at all. All in all a good place to sit down, grab a beer, and actually have a conversation.
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