November 19, 2005

More Saturday adventures

So last night I made reservations at the Laff's Comedy Club, for dinner and a show, and Daniel and I went out there to enjoy. Oh lordy was it funny. At one point I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes:-D
Today we mostly hit sales up in the hill country, which for me, sucked! I am so out of shape it isn't funny. Not to mention that my knee kinda hates hills. But it was fun, although nothing of cosequence came of it.
After yardsaleing along(not sure that is a word lol), we went to go see Harry Potter 4!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I love Harry Potter. The movie was great but I won't spoil it, just to say that the special effects are wicked and you NEED to go see it.
I failed to mention this, but the Sunday I spent with my sister in TN, we had gone to the mall and she had gotten me to get my ear pierced, up in the cartlidge area. Now I had always kinda wanted to do this, so what the hey, I could now, I am out. Unfortunatly I reacted to it and so had to yank it out a few days later. BUT tonight, hubby was having his done (again, same sort of situation) so once again, what the hey, why not. The guy assured me that it was all stainless steel, so no reaction this time. And since he used a needle, no trauma to the ear. So far, so good, I have a small hoop in my ear and Hubby another hehehehe. The couple that pierces together, stays together? hehehehe. His account is over at his blog, also has an interesting rundown of the last 2 months, so go read:-D Oh yeah, It's the very top link, Mace's madness.
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