December 22, 2005

A full week

I started my week by getting fired from my job, which was rather depressing, though I am ending my week with a new job that I LOVE. It puts me back in the middle of things right where I enjoy things. I work for a small company called Cafe La Finca, an importer of fine coffee from Mexico, and some of the best tea I have ever tasted. I am doing the same thing I was prior to leaving the Army, which makes me happier than pie.
So, what is everyone doing for Christmas? And are you finished shopping yet? I finished my yesterday when I picked up my darling's present. I had it all picked out awhile ago, and i would tell you what it is, save for the fact that he is reading over my shoulder;-)
I got to speak to Baby Brat on the phone today, shortly after the girls sent a picture of him reading in the mall while they were all shopping. Ah, typical male:-D


JUST A MOM said...

Merry Christmas Lizzie, Glad you gotr a job you like! That is the best kind to have. Enjoy your Holiday.

Pebble said...

Deck The House!

Snowball Fight:

Merry Christmas,


Garrison Steelle said...

I do hope ya'll have a WONDERFUL holiday Lizzie!!

-G said...

hope you had a great xmas and congrats on finding a job your love so soon! i was going to tell you how sorry i was that you lost one but then you picked another one up, just like that... impressive :)

Anthony Tay said...

you go girl!!

Spike said...

Merry Christmas and congratulations on the new job.

Found your blog via an article in an Australian newspaper.