December 17, 2005

Lazy Saturdays

Slept in this morning, before rolling out of the bed and throwing on my schlub clothes to do laundry. The bad thing about having a laundry facility vs in the apartment is that doing laundry is that much harder, so we only do it once a week. This leads to about 4 loads a week that gets all done at once. Yeeech. I really don't mind doing laundry so much, as I really mind the walk with the heavy basket. Ok I will stop my whining now:-D My husband has done it the last two weeks running so it really was my turn.
Then this afternoon we headed to the range to fire a few rounds through my newest pistol. I was rather dissapointed personally, as it was for me kinda painful to fire with that wicked kick. So I headed out and rented a Rutger 22LR, and shot about 100 rounds through that. I loved it. I was kinda pissed though when it jammed on me twice, though when I was discussing this with the gentleman in charge of the range, he reassured me that it was merely a matter of the pistol being dirty.
This evening we attempted the impossible in bathing both of our cats, no, not at once though. They both fought hard, but eventually we hauled them out of the bathtub and wrapped them in towels. Poor Mal screeched so badly you'd have thought he was dying. But now they have forgiven us, and we are settling down to the 9th season of M*A*S*H:-D
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